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Wikipedia – Cubism

Gizmodo’s Cubism Photo Challenge

I wanted to pick an easy subject to start with, so I wanted something simple, but I needed an object that has enough details for me to look at it from various perspectives.  I chose a tree, and here’s the result:


Lomography (LOMO) is the term for an approach to photography that emphasizes casual snapshots, sponteneity, ubiquity, randomness, and close-ups, rather than being concerned with the technicalities, aesthetics, and the conventional world of photography. The ‘attitude’ revolves around three key elements: the lomo camera, the lomographer, and the method of taking pictures. (

I don’t consider myself a great photographer (I use a cellphone), nor am I great at photo editing (I only use automatic white balance, color enhancement, etc.), but I would still like to share pieces that I am proud of.

I use GIMP, a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.  It is less robust, but still contains most of the features that are commonly used in Photoshop.  If you are tired of pirating software, this is something to try out.  The script I use is made by elsamuko, and it can be found here.  It is quite flexible, and allows the user to set parameters to achieve various results.  I haven’t tried changing most of those.  I mainly focused on trying out different coloring schemes (i.e. Neutral, Movie, Vintage) and hope to get the best “feel” out of the photos I chose.

I think it is something that even amateurs can try, so give it a shot if you have spare time.

First Attempt:



Random Object:

Link to my Lomo album

Link to Color Sample

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