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Update: Translation mostly finished, but …

September 19, 2017 3 comments

I will be out traveling next week for work, so it is unlikely for me to release the next chapter before October.

Sorry for the lack of updates as well.  I would blame work, kids, etc. but it’s mostly on me.  Persona 5 is too addictive and I’ve really spent more time on that than I should.  I finally beat the game though so things should start moving more quickly now.

And thanks for being so patient about this!

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Next Release Will Be Delayed

July 26, 2017 8 comments

Since there’s only about 10 chapters left, I’m going to power through with translating them first before I work on the rest of the scanlating process.  The next release will be delayed by a few weeks, but the chapters after should come rolling out faster than before.  Stay tuned!

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Hiatus Again

May 25, 2016 9 comments

I will most likely be losing my job in the next few months.  I need to focus my time and energy on finding a new job, so I won’t be releasing any new chapters until then.

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Going on another hiatus

December 9, 2015 8 comments

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  My baby daughter just started walking a few weeks ago, and it’s been crazy.  I was able to keep her in a play pen while I worked, and I can scanlate when I have some free time.  Now I can’t even do my day job without distraction.  I won’t be able to continue until she can walk more steadily and can entertain herself without my supervision.  Best case scenario, it’ll be a month or so.  Worse case, might be a year.

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Need Help Finding Raws Again

September 24, 2015 7 comments

I didn’t realize the raws I downloaded previously for Bartender Vol. 18 is very… poorly done.  I tried to find better versions of it, but that was the only scanned raw I can find (multiple sites are hosting the same one).  I can continue to translate and release with these raws, but I would rather not.  Here’s an example:


I’m not skilled enough to properly fix the images.

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Can’t Find Bartender Volume 17-21 Chinese Translation online

March 25, 2015 4 comments

Have some bad news. I’ve been translating this manga from Chinese to English, and the Chinese version for volumes 1-16 can be easily found online.  However, it seems nobody uploaded the rest of this series.  I did find the raws in pretty good quality, so at least that’s half the battle.  I do have the physical copies of volumes 17-21 in Chinese, but they are kept at my parents’ house.  The earliest I can get it is probably a month from now.  If someone can somehow find the Chinese version online, then I can start sooner.

Sorry about that.

Update (4/14/15): I will be getting volumes 17-21 on 4/25/14.  I should have a chapter ready a week from then.

Update (4/25/15): I just received volumes 17-21. I will start translating again sometime next week.

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Quick Update – Project finished (sorta), will be posting again shortly

October 13, 2014 8 comments
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