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Drink of the Day:

Emilio Lustau Amontillado VOS

Thoughts (Spoiler Alert):

This chapter has one of the worst disconnects between dialog.  Kyouko started out by complaining about the things that Nishizawa lectured her on, then suddenly, she started complaining about how he let a customer make his own gin tonic.  I get that she’s drunk and complaining, but the disconnect is just too great.  There’s like almost nothing those two events have in common.  The first part of the chapter is a build up to Nishizawa’s departure from the lobby bar, but it was just such a jump between ideas that it really bothered me.  One minute she soaked about how Nishizawa probably never liked her, and the next moment, she started explaining how Nishizawa let a customer make his own gin tonic.  I was totally thrown off by this transition that I actually thought I missed a page or something.

The story overall is great.  The author spent a good amount of time with Sasakura handling a bar inside a hotel, and it was not only a good time, but a good way to make some changes.  The chairman falling ill was just the start, and now major changes are coming.  I also really like this next arc that’s coming where Sasakura will have to act, for the first time, as a mentor.  I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. tokkei12
    July 2, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Thank you so much! ^.^

  2. July 2, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    You’re awesome. I’ve reed all the series translated by you and this is the forst comment i make. You just gave me happiness in a hard day.

    Keep it on

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