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Japan Trip Day 5 – Rest

The long walk home from Shinjuku have left us pretty tired.  We did not sleep until 4 a.m., and we did not have much energy to do anything the next day.  We hanged around Asakusabashi and went to Akihabara again to shop for otaku stuff.  But that’s pretty much all we did during the day.  The only thing worth noting is that we tried Japan’s Katsu for the first time, and it was extremely good.

Lunch – HamaKatsu (Yodobashi-Akiba, top floor)

This was the only katsu meal I ate in Japan, but it was exceptionally good.  Japan’s katsu isn’t like the katsu bowl in America.  There is a heavy emphasis on the sauce.  They actually provide you with sesame seeds, so you can grind them up, add them to the sauce to enhance it’s flavor.  It was a fun experience.    I have eaten something very similar in Taiwan, but the quality of the pork and how it was cooked really stands out.  This is perhaps the best piece of pork cutlet I have ever eaten.  Not only was it juicy, but it wasn’t tough to bite on at all.  The katsus I had in the past are generally too stiff, but that wasn’t the case here at all.  Most katsus are also over-breaded, you would get no meat when you bite them; however, this katsu was covered quite evenly, and I literally enjoyed every bite.  Another plus is that the meal comes with all-you-can-eat salad, and the dressing was great.  I normally eat salad without any dressing (yea, I’m weird like that) because most dressing are too strong for my taste.  But their dressing wasn’t too strong, but had a really nice flavor.

All in all, this place is one of the best restaurants I went to on my trip.  4.5/5.

Link to their website

Dinner  – 松屋 (again)

Back to this place again.  We didn’t really want to go far for dinner, and we weren’t particularly hungry, so we just came here for a small dinner.  I didn’t want to get the beef bowl again, and I wanted to try something that’s less common in America, so I got the grilled beef rice set.  It’s actually not half-bad, but they didn’t give that many pieces of beef.  3/5

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